Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Genna's quilt and general seasonal chaos

Its crunch time. right. now. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime!!

My plans changed very rapidly after the funeral the other week in KC, all these things that had to be done. weren't. getting. done.

You get my point?

So Christmas decor can't go up till house is cleaned, that includes getting all the laundry out of the way and having a place to finish Genna's quilt on the floor.

Oh power outage {again, my readers are probably catching on this is normal} and sub zero temps...-17 wind chill caused pipes to freeze...so no laundry?? (this is from Sunday, wish I had Saturday's)

Terrible wind- peel your skin off wind. Our house has crawl spaces with vents that face north.....bad.

Winds sustained 40 mph at -25 degrees....we were hoping our rabbits and hens would live.

Trying to get the patter right.

Got it now!

Hurry mom!! Its going to get cold! (Its a belated birthday gift)

Periwinkle minky.

It doesn't have a fleece liner in it like the other two quilts I made for the boys.

Okay back to frozen water pipes.
The crawl space which receives the direct wind blasts is under our living room and laundry room. {Our back yard is a magnet for high wind blasts...remember all the tossed toys, chicken coops, rabbit hutch and tree limb photos in the last two years?? The wind comes down the highway with nothing to slow it down- no trees or land features.} 
I threw a load of wash in to help warm up that room Saturday night, came back to check on it to find an error code that stood for water pipes not open!! 
Luckily my dad came over Sunday late afternoon and figured out the ones in our crawl space were frozen...and lucky is the 1963 copper pipe was still there 3 inches from the exterior wall/brick! He heated it with his torch and melted the ice.

No loss this time from water expansion, my washer pump was fine and no leaky pipes....whew!

Thank you dad! I can't even count how many things you have come over to fix now. This man saves us a lot of money! Brad works weird long hours and stuff always happens when he cant get to it for a few days.

We left that space heater on a while to warm up that crawl space- wow! Our living room and bathroom/washroom where so warm! I wish we could figure out how to cheaply insulate it all and not add any problems.

Here's one more cutie pie picture..she wanted to go outside!

We want a white Christmas..just not a below zero white Christmas! haha!

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