Thursday, December 29, 2016

Genna's sewing/weaving/knitting and Brenden's woodworking projects

All the kids got some crafty kits for Christmas this year. Do you remember the little potholders you would weave on a loom with the stretchy bands? Well they were so cheap on Amazon as an add on item this winter, we ordered Genna one along with a knitting loom. I thought I would show you her progress on her projects. 
Genna started immediately making a little potholder Christmas morning. 

She finished it Tuesday I think? (I had very bad flu and everything is a blur- when I was finally able to get out of bed) 

brings back memories!

Now here is our Boogie Boy. He saw these cute little blue toolboxes with real tools in them at WalMart  (around $19) and then they had woodworking kits ($5 each)  near them. He got two kits for Christmas, a airplane and a birdhouse. They were right at his skill level. He actually read the directions (very easy pictures) and put them together with minimal help from me or his dad! There were a couple nails he couldn't drive in completely but he was close. 

SO DARN CUTE! That was Sunday afternoon.

Genna got her loom out and started following a youtube video on how to knit and started a scarf. She plans on entering it next summer in the county fair.

These little looms are really easy to use and this didn't take her long to get going.

Then yesterday during our recovery/illness we were discussing Little Flowers plans with Maureen and what we were going to do next virtue. We are delaying the meeting due to our family having the flu. But Genna and I got started on her projects. This was Maureen's idea for Generosity with St. Katherine Drexel. She thought the girls could make the new sew fleece blankets and tie them off. Then donate them to needy kids or families. 

Since today was our first day back to normal we hit Joann's and found a fleece remnant sale = SUPER CHEAP fabric. Genna, understanding generosity offered to make more than one blanket if I would buy her the fabric. So she matched up 5 remnants. She and Knox and I got one done in about 45 minutes this afternoon. (I helped with the rotary cutting- that thing is really sharp!)

It turned out really cute with the contrasting colors she picked out.  She is also going to enter on of these blankets in the county fair- she will have to pick her best one when they are all done and hold onto it till then. Knox also picked out some fabric as well as Brenden. They will all likely do a group project talk for a 4-h meeting on how to do these quilts and pillows.

We have been off now for 3 weeks, I really don't feel like starting up next week yet. Anyone else want to keep breaking?

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