Thursday, December 29, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas friends!
Isn't our church is so pretty at night! I love the stain glass windows.

Knox climbed up on the altars that morning and put up the poinsettias for us, the ones by the statues. The others are fake and have been up all of advent.

Brad worked all day and then again tonight for our parish doing traffic control.


Brad also worked Sunday opening gifts was a challenge, trying to be home between 911 calls. Seriously??? Can't people get along on Christmas morning and not have any DVs??? Ooh sorry, I digress...

I took the kids to see our local botanical gardens this week with my mom, (who's idea it was) to see the lights and hear Knox's piano teacher play music.

these lights flash to music

Zoe had a favorite tree with these long pointy icicle led tubes that changed colors. She just kept staring at them and pointing.

We were the last to leave..literally. We had parked so far away- the traffic was terrible when we got there. We were the only car left on the street. When we got there you couldn't move, and around 7:30 it was clearing out already. People were leaving and we could walk the paths quicker and see more. So I think our plan will be to go later next year.

We had the flu this was horribly violent, but short lived, thank goodness!

Hope you continue to have a blessed Christmas season!

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