Friday, December 23, 2016

St. Margaret of Scotland and her Roman escorts

Remember  what Brenden asked me earlier this week about 'painting pegs dolls for them for Christmas?' A A few nights ago I get a talk from Knox who said Brenden really wanted the same Roman soldier saint pegs that he got for St. Nicholas' feast day. He kept saying he "needed to discuss Christmas presents with me." He said he wanted to paint St. Sebastian for Brenden and said 'oh just think how excited his little face will be!' He also insisted on staying up to help and told me not to worry about painting any for him or Genna to only focus on doing a set of soldier saints for Brenden.

  My goodness who can say no? When they love each other so much and want to fulfill each other's wishes. Anyway I remade all those soldiers. I also managed to make a lovely St. Margaret of Scotland.  Her hair was fun, she is a pretty saint, she is holding her scepter and a book. I have a few more requests that need to be done from the kids, I doubt they will get done in time. 

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