Sunday, December 11, 2016

Veni Veni

I am so far behind on so many things this semester. I have so many projects including just regular cleaning of my house that I can't even seem to get done. My kitchen floor went un-mopped for over a month I think, my daughters quilt didn't get finished (not even started) by her birthday last week- as things just kept coming up, and I am not going to complain because we do have real life outside the home with serious needs like burying the dead.  We did see to that this weekend as my brother in law's mother suddenly passed away unexpectedly. I am so glad we were able to travel to see him and his dad and the rest of his family. My sister was just in town from NC with her two kids about a month ago visiting her husband's family and us, so what a blessing that she did that before this sad situation occurred.

All the little cousins did get to see each other again, which is always fun for them.

 So I decided we are taking school off the rest of Advent, that will slow things down for my kids and help us to prepare ourselves for Christmas!  I have wanted to take all of Advent off for years and now I am finally (mostly) taking it off. We pretty much had last week off since it was a short week due to the funeral and those necessary things you have to do before you leave town.  
  The funeral was near Leavenworth, home of the famous Ft. Leavenworth and the Federal Penitentiary. 

You all be good now...although this place looks like museum or something touristy- trust me you don't want to stop in.

Me and four kids visiting my St. Mary College.

So my mom cracks a joke about "well I never thought I would be bringing you back here with 4 kids in tote," I thought yea, me neither.

They keep the tabernacle back in the cloistered area to the left and I think they were setting up for a music performance. It was always weird to go to mass there with no Crucifix or tabernacle behind the altar.

Goofing in the belfry. Yup you pull on those ropes and the bells of Annunciation Chapel will ring. I heard people used to do that at 2 am, you could sneak into the church through the tunnel system under the college.  (now I never did it, and it was nearly impossible to hear the bells ring since a big building blocked the chapel- due to it's height and length. plus why risk getting caught as the only way I think you could get out was in the tunnel where security could ambush you?) I showed my kids the tunnels though- same dark creepy halls.

down into the basement.

The college was adding a football team when I was leaving and the soccer team and basketball team used to be our pride and joy, and the main reason men came to St. was sort of sad to see how much change there was but I am sure it's all for the better. 

The college also changed it's name to the University of St. Mary- It was St. Mary College when I went.

We drove over the river and into Missouri and back into Kansas again to head towards Ikea.

So glad we went to Ikea, because they had chicken stuffed animals!

So I was saying I am behind on a bunch of Advent projects right? This was one Genna and I were wanting to do together. I ended up doing most the work just to get it checked off our list.

I added glitter to them.

They look like they are glowing now.
  Can you guess what our message will say?

I will post pictures of it tomorrow hopefully with a clean homeschool room that is Advent pretty and maybe some of my house will get cleaned for the upcoming feast. And hopefully some quilting done.

Oh my St. Nicholas pictures!  So Brenden put out three pairs of shoes to trick St. Nicholas, and St. Nicholas sure fall for it! ;)  He still put candy in all the shoes- and of course Brenden shared all the extra.

Genna got a cute fridge Nativity magnet set. Which by the way is on sale tonight a whole dollar off!! And it's Prime's free shipping.

Brenden got a cute Wee Believers Magnetic Catholic church- looks like our church on the inside.

Knox got a peg doll assortment-  I was saving them for Christmas but I really wanted to give them to sooner.
 And I am glad I did, they  have had the peg saints out now for a week playing with the new ones.  I am sure they will get forgotten with new Christmas presents, but that's okay, still several weeks of priority playing!

I love these!

Knox's biscuits and gravy creation.

Oh and this happened as we were trying to leave town for the yes, my week was crazy. She probably needed stitches, but that would have been the night of the day we needed to leave and Brad was working a security gig. Poor grandma swallowed a silicon packet accidently at the same time this was going on. I got some steri strips and made it look nicer the next morning, We are hoping for no scar. It's looking good as of tonight- I changed out here bandage tonight. We had left it alone for since Friday.

Zoe turned one last week and Genna turned 7! (yea we like to keep our kids bdays close apparently- the boys are a week or so apart too)

Such beautiful birthday girls! I am so proud of them both.

Hope you had some great fast days last week!  Tomorrow we celebrate again! Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us!

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