Friday, October 20, 2017

Solar Eclipse annnnndddd traffic

      Remember back awhile we had that solar eclipse?  Well we trecked up to Atchison, KS, to Benedictine College, to view it. All three of us sisters, and my mom.  We met at Jackson Park and then did a walk around B.C..  We weren't far from St. Joe, MO, were the center of the action was.  It got very dark. The forecast was terrible, but we didn't want to miss the darkness, even with cloud cover I am glad we went in the end. There was no break in the clouds from about noon till just after the full eclipse was waning maybe at 98% we got a sliver of sun, and let me tell you how shocked I was at how little sun is needed to illuminate the earth. The moment it creeped out it was light again. And it was awesome! I have never been in a parking lot in the dark with that many people yelling and cheering when the sun broke through. It was worth the trouble. As soon as the sun was out just maybe 70% eclipsed, the sky was completely clear. Such weird weather. Meanwhile on the other side of KC, my brother had perfect weather...go figure. He actually heard the coyotes howl- he was out in the country.

So read the sign below, KDOT apparently was expecting trouble with solar viewing.

No parking on highway people!!

So the way up had no traffic. We thought it would be a good day.  Then it started raining....

So I think my phone was turned over to some kids..

I found about 20 of these soup bowl photos on my phone! Hilarious!!

cowboy effect!

Not sure what effect this is?! Justin Timberlake?

Fulton effect!! lol!

Brenden effect!

crazy Brenden reading effect!

Finally because of the rain we found this parking lot away from Jackson park- where it had been pouring.

So that sun you see there was eclipsed..right after this, the sky cleared completely.

It was a good day, we toured Atchison, we saw castles!

With gargoyles!

We even ran into my old friend from college Fr. Anthony Ouellette, who is not a Benedictine, Augustinian actually! We were all so hot and sweaty- it was really humid and hot that day.  He didn't go to B.C. either (just my sisters) but he was there visiting friends. Lucky for us we got eat and walk around with him. He is such an inspiration!

Lourdes at B.C.

Looking at the river from a bluff on campus. 

We got to see Amelia Earhart's house.

Again on the way home it rained...but what was worse was the traffic. We waited till 5 pmish to leave. 

Do you see the LONG LINE OF TAILLIGHTS up into the Flint Hills? Check out my timestamp on my phone. I was giving my husband updates on our whereabouts.

We didn't get very far along that stretch between Emporia and Cassoday. Then the wickedest storm I had ever been in suddenly without radar warning popped up and almost had my pull over. I was doing 20 mph and taking up 2 lanes. The wind felt like it could flip my van, and it only lasted about 3 miles or so. It was scarey. Lucky our exit was right close to there.

I can't remember when the next eclipse is, but that was a lot of fun for us to experience!

Walter's Pumpkin Patch: Crouch Family Tradition

Every year we go to Walter's. This year Brad wasn't able to make it! Normally he is off work the day we go, but had a last minute mandatory training scheduled.

If you attend Walter's you gotta try the slides! I do think adults need to be mindful of kid's safety too. Supervise your kids! Sometimes there are kids who jump over the slides and about get nailed....and no mom and dad with in ear shot or close at all to correct or oversee.

My sister and her kids were with us part of the day.