Friday, December 15, 2017

O Antiphon Ornaments for your Jesse tree

The in town ladies from our Jesse Tree swap got together after we completed our Jesse Tree ornaments and made O Antiphon ornaments- just for the 4 of us. They came out great! I am so glad we managed to pull it off and get ourselves a whole complete set of ornaments. The O Antiphons start on December 17th and go through December 23rd.  When you spell the first letters of the Latin backwards it spells ERO CRAS, meaning tomorrow I will come.

It was my job to make the O Sapientia (O Wisdom), O Rex Gentium (O King of Nations), and O Emmanuel. 

I got lucky and found some cute little heavy card stock gift tags in sets of 4 at Walmart. I used those to make the O Wisdom and O King of Nations. My Wisdom was cut out on my Cricut and I used my sticker maker to stick them to the paper and just happened to have sticky pearls setting on the table and that made me think of 'pearls of wisdom' there ya go, done! For O King of Nations- I used my Cricut to also cut out the crown and it's back ground. O Emmanuel- the chalices were salt dough ornaments.

Happy Advent!

A Saint Lucy Fest here in Kansas

I don't know if you have all ever heard of Lindsborg, KS. It's a very small town about an hour away from our home. The town seems to be primarily Lutheran and the are all Swedish! The city comes together every year and has a St. Lucy festival the second weekend of December. I randomly came across the description on their cities website. It was amazing find it, as it's just not an hugely advertised event. 
  Anyway, I wanted to show you the cool pictures. The Swedish dancers were out and doing the traditional folk dances they use to celebrate. I have some videos but I am not sure if I know how to get them up on here. They pull you in an have you dance with them and join in the procession to the Lutheran church. If I didn't know better I would have swore I was with all Catholics. They truly understood what it meant to honor St. Lucy.

Something my 9 year old son said as we stood there watching Genna dance, mom I wish we could move here. The people here are really different and nice. I had to agree 100%. I didn't see one teen pull out a cell phone during this event. Not saying they don't own any, but they were really enjoying themselves and helping everyone.

These are the high school students putting this on!

These are the 4th grade public school kids putting on this procession as part of their class. Can you believe that you can do this still in such a PC world? I love it!

So we went over the public library, and guess what? They had St. Lucy and Star Boy crafts!

The public library even had a St. Lucy felt doll set out.

 We ate Mexican since it was actually St. Juan Diego's feast day, our lady of Guadalupe was painted all over our booth ;)

Below a narrow park right between some buildings where I parked my van.

Tuba Christmas guys were playing and just starting as we were leaving to go home. We stayed a bit longer and listened to some horns and orchestra music

This is the Catholic Church in town, St. Brigit of Sweden. 

And their wayside St. Lucy Shrine.

St. Lucy Ora Pro Nobis!

Friday, December 8, 2017

Birthday girls and some random St. Lucy items!

  Every year we celebrate St. Lucy's feast day. I found out there is a town an hour north of us that is having a St. Lucy day festival this weekend. We are so going! 

Sorry I digress...cute 2 and 8 year old birthday pictures..

The girls both had birthdays this week, and we gave them St. Lucy's dresses for their American Girl dolls as well as a St. Lucy's crown candle wreath, and the cutest little set of buns, a candle and a tray, from the Little Habit on Etsy. They also received some cute Irish Dance dresses for their dolls- which I found on Amazon. They fit perfect and so do the shoes and other accessories!

My favorite thing of all though we bought for St. Lucy's day was this cute dish towel. It's available through several Scandinavian online store websites, One happens to be an hour north of us. 

Also they sell these super cute St. Lucy day napkins.

Ahhh! My post went out unintentionally, I will finish editing it tomorrow. Sorry!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

St. Nick's Feast day!

She has no idea what that means to put shoes out, but she kept telling me "yea!" Such a cutie!

We made our favorite breakfast along with homemade waffles.

The kids have been asking for nuts and a nut cracker for so long, so this year they got some! Plus some Tiny Saints, Halo's (cause that's sounds holy and they were $3 cheaper than Cuties!), chocolate coins, candy canes Oreo eggs and Hershey's mixed popcorn snack.

I figured they would see the nutcracker and be thrilled. So our 5 year old son, accidently  us up at 4 am. He thundered down our hallway and started looking in the bags. Then he ran into his bedroom to wake up his brother and scream St. Nicholas came! Then he ran back down the hallway again to look at the bags of goodies.  I just laid there listening enjoying his excitement, it was adorable!
 Brenden came to our room's thresh hold and stood there, and Brad said 'Hey buddy', and Brenden ducked down ninja style behind my!! Like he was invisible or something!  I called up him over at this point and then he came in and said he woke up from a sick stomach. I said oh really? I thought you were looking at something St. Nick left you. Brad agreed, and asked if he tried to wake up Knox, Brenden said no! lol Oh what a stinker. He kept trying to say he was just up because of his hurting stomach ;) Little turkey!

St. Nicholas pray for us!