Thursday, January 5, 2017

Brenden's 1st project talk

Brenden has a lot of obstacles to overcome with his speech, he can even be hard for me to understand, but he sure doesn't let it affect his sociability yet! He is a super confident kid. At this month's 4-H meeting he is giving a project talk on how to build a squirrel feeder.  He's only 4, but our local club's leader lets the siblings participate as much as possible- it gets them ready!

still writing.. I didn't hear a complaint from him at all, he had his poster done in about ten minutes. He is so excited and soooooo motivated!

We practiced his talk over and over again tonight. He is trying so hard. I hope he does well! I recorded his talk on my phone, but couldn't get it to play on here.

Go Brenden Go!

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