Friday, January 20, 2017

Knox's 4-H project talks

We have our county wide 4-H Days coming up. My kids participate in the readings, music, skit and also a project or demonstration talk. It might seem like a lot, but it's not really. They already have to play their music daily and recite poetry daily, so those are freebies that don't require extra effort. This year Knox has already given one project talk in Entomology at the county and local levels, assisted with a few other 4-h talks for other 4-H'ers and now is going to give a talk on Geology- the "Formation of Rocks." He has learned so much from just writing the talk and making the posters for it. I think he did a great job. What I love is this all ties into our homeschool life. I am definitely giving him grades for all this work. He has rock samples to show during his talk. One we are having trouble finding is our piece of pumice.

Knox received a purple ribbon at county 4-h days for his illustrated talk.

He snapped some of his own pictures to document what he is doing for his 4-H record book- love his little toes! He isn't the only one doing a talk though. At our last local meeting, Brenden, gave a demonstration talk on "How to build a squirrel feeder." He was so happy and excited to present in front of the crowd- probably around 50 people.  We have an excellent video of his little presentation but it's on Brad's iPhone, which we still don't know how to share videos from. (If you're going to buy a smart phone get an Android please?!)

Genna's talk is coming along nicely as well. She has sewn several chicken feed tote bags and is giving a talk on how to make those. I thought she would end up doing the no sew quilts but she chose the bags instead. I need to get pictures of her working on it. She is giving it at our local club meeting in February.

Knox's talk on "How to Pin an Insect" this past November at our local club meeting. Of course his siblings helped him. The following week he gave it to our county wide Entomology club. He even caught around 25 grasshoppers to hand out to the club. There are quite a few in my freezer still!

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