Monday, January 2, 2017

Little Flowers project no sew quilts

Genna and her brothers have made some great headway on the no sew quilts we are doing for Little Flowers.  She is on her final one, it would have been finished today but we had doctor's appointments. The kids are entering one of the quilts in the county fair this spring. Thought you might like to see her progress.

The cupcake quilt (I think it's my favorite).

The purple dream catcher quilt.

The buck quilt

And the shark quilt is almost all done.

It's a lot of tying, but it sure goes fast. The cute monkey quilt is probably going to be sewn together later when we have more time. The fabric sure would shrink down to nothing with the tied ends since the fabric is already on the small side. It will save us 8 inches all the way around if it's sewn. If you didn't catch my earlier post on this quilting, Genna's Little Flowers "Generosity" and St. Catherine Drexel project was to make no sew kids quilts to donate to a shelter. This is her last one to finish.  This was fabric from a remnant sale at Joann's that she matched up. They are plenty big for toddlers. The uncut fabric was right around 1.2 yards- it all varied but that was the average size. Luckily all the prints had matching color combos in almost an exact same size, so very little was trimmed off and wasted.

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