Tuesday, January 3, 2017

loom knitting hats

On of Genna's gifts was a knitting loom set. She started making a scarf on it. While she has been working on that off and on this past week. I decided to try out her circle loom....and I had way too much fun!It's easy and I made a hat in about 2 hours from start to finish.  A hint for making hats- pick a fluffy huge yarn to knit with- it will go so much faster! 

So since Brad got a new hat, I also made Brenden and Zoe hats. And then also started Knox on making himself a hat- which he is about half way through and will enter into the county fair later on. Genna has plans to knit one as well after her scarf if done. Which is about 9 inches long currently.

I flipped her's inside out to show the purl side.

She really likes her hat, she kept putting it on. She has been carrying around yarn and a loom too, trying to imitate all of us.

Brenden's hat of course had to have blue in it.

I added the pom to it later, I wasn't sure what he wanted. But he loves the pom pom.

His got a brim sewed into it, unlike Zoe's which turns up on its own.

Hopefully it will fit him awhile- he's in between sizes of looms actually. If you are interested in looms, there are many many YouTube videos, and you will quickly find guidance on how to do these projects. 
They were on sale on Amazon. Wal-Mart also sells the same sets. We bought the Boye set at Walmart a few days ago to get hats made for toddler gifts. I am not disappointed at all with them. They also have long loom sets for flat knitting- like blankets and scarfs.

I started a hat with worsted weight yarn- which I am doubling up to knit. It's going a little bit slower but sure is looking pretty. I have the brim done and an inch or so above the brim. It's a fancy dark Lion's Brand Homespun dark purple yarn, I think it's this one.

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