Tuesday, January 3, 2017

On the feast of St. Genevieve! (January 3rd)

I made a little St. Genevieve pillow doll for Genna's feast day/Baptismal day tomorrow for a surprise. Genna has not seen her yet. We planned a menu for her special day she requested some of her French cuisine favorites to be served tomorrow. Crepes and Quiche! 
Since Genna's favorite color is purple, so I gave St. Genevieve a purple scarf on her head and sewed her up with a cotton eyelet lavender back.

You can find the patterns for these Saint Dolls on Waltzing Matildas's Etsy shop.

The eyelets make it a bit challenging since the fluff from the pillow could just go through them.

I sewed two pieces of fabric together to make a nice sturdy back that no fluff could escape through.

I stuffed her through that little hole.

Cute as a button. I sewed a top stitch hem all the way around her.

Happy Feast of St. Genevieve! 
St. Genevieve, priez pour nous!

Thought I would update my post, here's Brenden making her quiche, he also made the salad.

And here's Genna blowing out her feast day cupcake.

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