Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Saint Peg doll catapult wars

Boys will be boys, our armies of peg dolls do battle sometimes. With so many enlisted soldiers and Roman centurions and kings, of course there is a war at some point. 
We have one of those fabulous Melissa and Doug wood castles. For Christmas we got Knox a "build your own catapult kit" to share with his little brother Brenden. Brenden got and awesome and very real tool kit, which he has now used for 5 projects. This one came up unexpectedly. It required a lot of wood glue- more than the kit provided. And no clamps- which Brenden of course had. 

Waiting on the glue to dry on phase one.

Two very happy brothers who cooperated so well! Yes it comes with mini bean bags, 4 red and 4 blue. And they do fly. It's controlled by a rubber band- which you can switch out easily and find a better stronger one for more resistance and father throws!

Now for the action- the following day.

This is saint peg dolls, army guys, Lego Star Wars and wood blocks/castle and boats all mixed together for a giant battle.

They use the styrofoam from the Entomology project to make a level surface on the basement carpet.

I believe that is St. Sebastian leading on that white charger. I was really surprised how much enthusiasm the catapults brought to our house that day. And the project was just right for them to do on their own with little help from me.

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