Thursday, January 5, 2017

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton's edible crayons

Using candy melts- which we have lots of from sacrament parties, you dip the ends of large pretzel rods in the melted candy to look like a crayon.

St. Elizabeth was a school teacher, what better way to think of school (which we still haven't started yet)

Love this little snack! The kids colored the labels or you can also print them on colored paper, you can get them here.  There were lots of ideas on pinterest and I found a set of Faith related wrappers there as well, which could be downloaded from Scribed. And of course a crayon box!  There is another crayon box that is easier to print off on Scribed if you just type it in the search bar. I just don't know how to link to it.  Paste a picture of Mother Seton on the front and your good to go! Happy Feasting!

St. Elizabeth pray for us!

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