Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The feast of St. Basil the Great- January 2nd

Yes, lots of feasting! As a friend of mine put it on Facebook, thank goodness our church celebrates Christmas more than one day!

The Holy Family guarded our jello all night out front.

So instead of making a jewel cake with the white gelatin like we did last year, I decided we would just try and trifle bowl of jello and cream. And it was a hit!

We actually had an extra layer we couldn't put on. We layered red, orange, green blue and purple, and the last layer of red wouldn't fit!

Our "Jewel Cake". Read up on St. Basil's jewel cake and the miracle here. I found a Greek recipe for St. Basil's pie (random) we might save for next year. Happy Feasting! St. Basil the great pray for us!

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