Friday, January 13, 2017

VERY CHEAP Sacrament keepsake cards

After fiddling around this weekend, I figured out a little secret about those Holy card/sacrament keepsake cards everyone gets with their Baptism date or First Communion date. You can buy them in sheets of 8 in packs of 1000 (yea that's not a typo) on Autom's website. Autom also has packs of 100 for $1.00!!  Those you can't run through your printer since they are pre-cut, but a custom "anniversary card" with dates can be laminated onto the backside. OH and on Autom's website, they have a template you can download. You can use that template on you $1 packs of 100 blank holy cards too. These are high quality holy cards by the way, you can't see the perforations. The brand is Cromo NB, that Italian company you cannot buy directly from.

Now you're looking at your screen going, she has lost her mind...seriously 1000? Yes, this is why. A box of a 100 costs a mere $8 unprinted. 

  The shipping is almost free on Autom with that $5 coupon every time you put your email address in. So why would you want to pay someone $35 dollars and up to make you just a few customized cards when you can print them at home for way less. Even if you do not need a 1000 cards.. you're still saving money. Give them to your homeschool group and friends or donate them them to your church. I found my sheets of 8 cards on clearance at a local bookstore here in town for $1 a sheet. I didn't know at the time I could get them on Autom but I researched them now.

I didn't send mine through the printer- the card sheet I bought on clearance was already torn along the lines part way and likely would have got caught in the printer.  So instead I cut out my paper backsides and laminated them together to backside of the card.

They turned out perfect. Genna got her custom cards with date/priest and the Anima Christi prayer, and it's even printed in purple ink- her favorite color.
Please visit my First Communion page tab for more ideas.

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