Saturday, February 25, 2017

Wood plaque icon wanna be experiment

So I got this great idea tonight to try out the freezer paper jet ink transfer method onto a wood plaque, so it can sort of look iconish.. Genna requested this picture and I just ran with it as an experiment to see if this works. This is how it's done. Hope she likes it!

You need freezer paper, cut it down to the size of your printer paper. Glue the dull side of the freezer paper to a piece of real printer paper (I recycle so I used an old piano assignment sheet). Sorry my picture was taken after I cut out my image.

Shiney slick side up.

Print out your image on the shiny side.

Cut it out if it helps. You will need to line it up the first time the right way, because the ink is wet and will SMUDGE.

Line it up face down and hold one hand on it. Tape down the edges with your other hand. This will keep the image in one place while you rub- very hard! the ink into the wood. I used my Pampered Chef pot scraper ;0

This was ink from my frosting printer. It dries slower than my Kodak jet ink printer. And I actually like the colors better on this one. The ink didn't bead up either on this one.  (Compare below)

Not too bad for a first attempt and not knowing what to expect.

Okay now the other side- the bad side.
This one below is the other side of the wood plaque. I used the Kodak printer, the ink look beaded up on the paper after it printed. And consequently transferred in little dots of beaded ink. It's also not as bright and much duller in color- GO FIGURE. Frosting ink works better!

Can you see the black lines where the ink is beaded up on transfer? It's the same exact image as the other side. If you have slow drying jet ink that works best. I am not sure laser would work at all.

Anyway. Just thought you might enjoy this half-hearted tutorial. 

Friday, February 24, 2017

Catholic earrings for sale, (The Fatima earring)

I have a few pairs of earrings here I would like to sell. I can customize earrings as well as take requests if someone has one. Payments can be made with a check directly to me. (I am really avoiding Paypal.)  All earrings are $20.00, shipping is $6.00, unless it's local pickup.

UPDATE   The Catholic Chicken Coop ETSY SHOP NOW OPEN if you rather look in away.

These are hand made by me. Earring parts are: holy medals from Italy, Czech and Austrian Glass. 
 All other metal parts are alloy.

Custom orders, the earring hooks are alloy, unless you requested Sterling Silver- an additional $2.50 will be added.
If you are local and your earring breaks I would be happy to repair it for you for free. I am happy to fix the out of town ones too, but you will need to take care of shipping both ways.


Mother Mary's image and Jesus' Sacred Heart on reverse side.

Oval Blessed Virgin Mary standing with folded hands.

Blessed Virgin Mary folded hands and stars.

Padre Pio (enough said!)


100th Anniversary Fatima Earrings
Get ready for the 100th Anniversary of Fatima.

 These earrings have dirt from Fatima Portugal on the back side.

B.V.M. with stars.

Miraculous Medal Crosses

Adding some in the works

These are small sized.

These proceeds go to support my family's homeschooling efforts! God Bless!

Monday, February 20, 2017

First Communion Day!

I love sacrament days, they are so beautiful!

Mom came over at 7:40ish. AM!

Luckily Brad was able to come to the whole mass and be with us, he couldn't get the day off. (I am married to the city government and the public of Wichita).

Knox wasn't feeling the best with his severe allergies this weekend, but he toughed it out and did well serving in honor of his sister.

Her good old brother was front row!

This is by far my favorite picture! These guys did a great job!

Her Godfather- my brother Jon, was extremely ill and didn't make it. But her Godmother Anna came with her new husband!

My dad.

Knox and Genna

Genna with our cousin Grace. She was beeming all day.

Genna and my mom.

Some good friends of ours who witnessed!

And more friends..

God Bless Genna!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

First Confession home retreat

This is my opinion on how sacraments should work. So take it with a grain of salt. I have been hearing a lot lately about kids making their first Confession months before their First Communion. I am not sure why they aren't paired together anymore (like I had it in Catholic Grade School). Seems like the momentum should keep going and pairing them together in one weekend feels ideal!

As we approached Saturday afternoon and evening I knew it had to be peaceful. You should have your party preps done by then and everything cleaned up and mostly laid out. Your child needs to be in the sacrament mindset and thinking about Jesus coming into their hearts and bodies physically. We wound down Saturday early afternoon a little before 2 pm. Genna's first Confession was scheduled around 3. She watched a Brother Francis video on the Sacrament of Confession and we rehearsed what she needed to do again. And we made a good examination of conscience again- if you have been doing them nightly almost every night it is easy. 
Knox, Genna and I all received the sacrament Saturday together. I wish I would have gotten a picture of that smile on her face when she first walked out of confession. The moment was beautiful, She sure is cute below with that smile, but she was radiant after her confession. 

After we were done with Confession we did our St. Joseph Novena- there's a beautiful St. Joseph altar at our parish.

Outside our Church. Yes the weather is beautiful- the pollen terrible, we are all sick and hacking here! 

We can't go without First Confession ice cream- even when we are sick. Our souls are shiny and new! Genna's first reaction to her Confession was this. "Mom I want my soul to stay shiney and new because I am receiving Jesus tomorrow into my heart. I don't want to fight with my brothers or get intro trouble. I want it perfect for Jesus at my First Communion!"   Then her next reaction was I want you to take me to mass every day this week. And then the next reaction was I want to receive Jesus' blood at mass. 

MMMM....Zoe likes icecream too!

After we got our celebratory ice cream we went home and had dinner. We then did our weekly mass prep like we would usually do, it involves a craft currently from and we also watch Holy Heroes Mass Prep videos- they read the full Gospel to you. 

Your are temple of God! Love your enemies! Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect!

We signed our Novenas and finished the prayers.

We also did a St. Michael Chaplet that night so Genna would have an angelic military escort on her First Holy Communion. (Read the promises!)
We use a youtube video to lead the prayers.