Friday, February 10, 2017

Candlemas, cute baby chocolate face!

Sorry I was playing with my phone's picture settings that day to see how old timey it could look. The Feast of the Presentation was in the middle of the week, directly followed by St. Blaise's feast day I think- so much has happen since then my mind is fuzzy on when right now.  
We took our Polish tea light to Father Ben and had him bless them. I already have blessed Advent candles put away for next year, so those weren't included this year. The tea lights get used on our dinner table and for our Stations of the Cross during Lent as well as family prayer times- like at bedtime.

We made our cookie "Candles"  And of course this one (below) insisted on making her own!

And yes, she is a double dipper!

Can you wipe me please mom?

Brenden goes all out as an altar server every time we do something religion based- he puts this outfit on.

More feast day posts to come. We are spread thin around here...oh iyiyi!

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