Tuesday, February 7, 2017

First Communion Banner Part Three

You guys have your piece cut out by now, hopefully you can figure out an arrangement and just take that iron and glue them down. Be sure and pull off the paper backing ;) Ironing is the easiest part! And maybe the most fun! 

Genna took a few different arrangements into consideration. We looked at the internet Google photos as well so she could see examples.

Oh oops, we forgot to punch the decorative holes in the chalice.


The grapes have a brown felt backing, we cut out after we glued the grapes down.

Okay fourth time rearranging the pieces?

Okay she figured out a layout she liked best.

The chalice has several layers, sort of like the grapes.

It takes more heat to iron down.

Oh wait, she changed the wheat around one final time.

Finally done ironing felt! She has just a few more things to do to it. She is still adding some bling to it tomorrow.  Now you might be asking yourself, where did you buy a dowel rod that's the right size- cause husbands aren't always around to cut a dowel rod- and they break easy. Lucky for us housewives Amazon carries a package of 12 inch long little ones with free shipping! (Walmart craft dept. has them too).  To be continued tomorrow.

Updated now with her embellishment of rhinestones and pearls- we got them from Michael's quite a long time ago for our art supplies box.

You can buy super cheap glitter glue for a $1 at the Dollar Tree. It comes in a three pack of red, gold and silver. Don't buy the small skinny tubes, get the big ones. The small ones sputter and spit your glue because there isn't enough volume and pressure. 

The bigger bottles keep a nice steady flow of glitter glue so it's easy to write a name.

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