Thursday, February 2, 2017

First Communion Banner Part Two (How to include a stain glass window)

Continuing on with this series. So you got all your felt ready right? Next is tracing and cutting your shapes. It's really easy to trace patterns onto the paper side of your heat and bond paper. What's lovely is that the felt is nice and stiff and cuts beautifully- even the cheap felt! So if you can find a print out of a lamb or stain glass window- like Genna did try it out and see (really look below).


A patient little girl.

These are chalice pieces I cut from regular paper with my cricut and then traced onto our Heat N' Bond. You can find printable chalices online to cut out.

Free hand grape leaf.

Bits and pieces of chalice, wine (red) and grapes.

Wheat- free hand.

Okay say you want to do a stain glass window? (this concept can be easily used for Lambs or doves or anything else you can print out as a stencil)
 Print out (and maximize the size) of a stain glass window you can find online- see below? That was a search called "printable stain glass window". I used Google docs to resize it to fit the full page of a printer sheet of paper- since Genna's banner is a little larger than 9 by 11.

Print and cut it out.

Trace it onto your Heat N' Bond.

After you trace it onto your Heat N' Bond cut it out (before you iron it)

I am running out of Heat N' Bond! SO I had to cheat a bit which works fine to make that last corner right. After you cut out your Heat N' Bond pattern than you may iron it down.

Then cut it out of the fabric.

Doing it this way saves precious scraps..and if you like to use every little bit of it- it's worth it!

Sewing scissors works best imo.

Pretty soon you will have a pile of pieces that needs to laid out in a design and ironed down. We will have more for you tomorrow.

{Oh for another later tutorial (in a few days) some extra supplies you may consider picking up in (addition to Heat N' Bond) to embellish your First Communion banner are glue backed rhinestones and glitter glue/puffy paints or anything else you child wants to use!}

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