Wednesday, February 8, 2017

First Communion Candles

Still sticking with our first Communion topic tonight. We were searching for ideas for Genna's First Communion and saw these candles people basically put a sticker on, that commemorates their special event. Then give them away to those who came to celebrate their special day.  So when your friend lights it maybe they will remember to pray for you?  I have a collection of nice glass candles from couponing and of course Avery stickers.

 I had never used Avery's online program before, and since we own Chromebooks I was doubtful at the success I was going to have with it. HOWEVER, I was thrilled with how easy it was to make address labels. It lets you do everything with clipart and photos and words. You can even program how many labels and what ones on the sheet to actually print on. So more wasted labels! Just got to Avery's website and click on My Avery. This project took maybe all but 15 mins. It was easy to navigate through. Genna even figured it out sitting  there with me and started dragging the designs over.

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