Monday, February 20, 2017

First Communion Day!

I love sacrament days, they are so beautiful!

Mom came over at 7:40ish. AM!

Luckily Brad was able to come to the whole mass and be with us, he couldn't get the day off. (I am married to the city government and the public of Wichita).

Knox wasn't feeling the best with his severe allergies this weekend, but he toughed it out and did well serving in honor of his sister.

Her good old brother was front row!

This is by far my favorite picture! These guys did a great job!

Her Godfather- my brother Jon, was extremely ill and didn't make it. But her Godmother Anna came with her new husband!

My dad.

Knox and Genna

Genna with our cousin Grace. She was beeming all day.

Genna and my mom.

Some good friends of ours who witnessed!

And more friends..

God Bless Genna!

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