Sunday, February 19, 2017

Getting food ready for Genna's 1st Communion

My mom spent a lot of time over here helping me this weekend in service of Genna's First Communion party. My husband didn't have the time off work. So much was accomplished because of my mom!

Our sacrament cookie cutters.
Cross and copper Chalice.

My recipe- our favorite. I found out if you cheat and buy the Pillsbury it doesn't hold its shape when cooked, they poof out. Just save yourself the trouble and make your own cookie dough.

Genna's favorite color is purple!

The candy melt center Cross and Chalice.  When you go to make your center piece, always make two incase you break we did! (I had made two though!)

Her other desserts were Chalice Jello cups, and Chalices filled with Junior Mints. You can see them to the left side of the picture. I ordered them off Autom's website.  The chalice cups are always a big hit!

We served approximately 35-40 people, spiraled ham- on sale at Sam's, hashbrown casserole, green bean casserole, fruit salad, mac n' cheese, and corn casserole.

God Bless Genna!

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