Thursday, February 9, 2017

If your windows are this dirty

Go ahead and clean them! I am pretty sure dirt will cover them again next week- as required per Kansas State Law. (Oh you didn't know about our wind and dirt requirements here?) The weather has been great and very spring like and it's a good time to air out the house anyway. Especially with all the flu bugs going around.

They even got washed in the shower.

Another "early spring" cleaning chore that has been the altar cloths, before Lent.

 Somehow during a Latin service the altar cloth became stained, however we treat it as if it was Jesus's precious blood since we don't know if it was or not at the time it was spilled.

Pour water three times through the stain and catch it in a bowl. Then dispose of the water in the flower garden where no one walks 

We pour water over it three times. But the stains came out just with one glass of water.

Then these spackling jobs I have asked to have done repeatedly, it's been 2 years! I just went ahead and did And I repaired 3 screens on our windows as well ;) Yes I am a happy lady- my honey do list is now mine.

There were a few more spots in the house that needed repair. When we moved in, the alarm box removed and left that hole in the bathroom. Just need to sand and paint. I think the spackling looks better than the whole already.

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