Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Making a First Communion Banner Part One

There are some great banner kits out there for your child's First Communion (check Autom's website too). However there is more fun in doing it all from scratch I think- but that's how we roll around here. I am going to show you how easy this really is. The time spent doing it is well worth it. It's not just putting the kit together and done. It helps draw out the sweetness of that special day for you child a little more by taking a little bit longer than throwing a kit together.

IF you have a banner design in mind and know you colors...please proceed.

Supplies needed:
Heat n Bond Ultrahold
Felt (or what ever fabric)

This is available at Walmart. Heat and Bond, in the red package Ultrahold.

Shiney side sticks to you fabric, in our case we are using felt. So the iron will be placed on the paper backing- see the above photo. It doesn't take a but a second or two for the iron to cause the bonding to hold, so don't over heat it.

See the shiny side is facing up? And it has bonded to our felt.

Cut your felt scraps and pieces that you need for the banner now. 

Don't throw our any scraps of the heat and bond, you might need an inch of it and will be happy you saved that odd little piece. I saved all the leftover bonded pieces of felt too, it will come in handy for projects later. I have a Ziplock gallon bag I stored them all in labeled "First Communion Banner kit." Genna lucked out on her banner, there were grapes left over from Knox's banner in 2015, as well and some bonded gold and green felt- so that was less work than we planned for! I saved all his stencils too. That will be our next tutorial what to do with your felt and stencils next.

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