Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Mass kit find

I would like to thank the kind person who dumped a bagful of toys and crafty things into our recycling center a while back. I picked them out and kept the cool crafty stuff, which included a HUGE ASSORTMENT of beads for jewelry making and hair barrettes- all the nice glass beads you make real adult jewelry with- like those earrings I make. Among the craft items I found these.

Very thin flat wood wafers....hmmm.. I know a little boy with a Mass kit.

Some were the right size for the peg dolls. I am not sure what they were doing with them craft wise.  But I found a bag of small flat squares in the same sizes too.

Not sure where you can buy them  as a mixed bag of sizes, but for those who need to complete their mass kit or need some ideas..maybe check around for these. 

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