Friday, February 10, 2017

St. Brigid's Feast day

Late post- this is getting to be the new norm around here.

Zoe is just learning to cook.  She has been watching us apparently or playing kitchen in the toy room, she knows how to stir things and demands to dump things into the bowl.

Of course baby spit doesn't count for double dipping. She is so darn cute!

Anyway, I found a somewhat tasty sounding recipe for St. Brigid's bread.  We had never purchased Buttermilk before, and I will tell you its got to be what sour cream is made from.  It was sort of cool. However after we tasted the dough, we decided to dump in a lot of sugar and cinnamon- just got to taste it and see what you think as you are mixing it. And it actually tastes good and baked up nicely as well and tasted super great! Which was a relief because I hate wasting ingredients on things the kids won't eat!  
St. Brigid pray for us! 

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