Saturday, February 25, 2017

Wood plaque icon wanna be experiment

So I got this great idea tonight to try out the freezer paper jet ink transfer method onto a wood plaque, so it can sort of look iconish.. Genna requested this picture and I just ran with it as an experiment to see if this works. This is how it's done. Hope she likes it!

You need freezer paper, cut it down to the size of your printer paper. Glue the dull side of the freezer paper to a piece of real printer paper (I recycle so I used an old piano assignment sheet). Sorry my picture was taken after I cut out my image.

Shiney slick side up.

Print out your image on the shiny side.

Cut it out if it helps. You will need to line it up the first time the right way, because the ink is wet and will SMUDGE.

Line it up face down and hold one hand on it. Tape down the edges with your other hand. This will keep the image in one place while you rub- very hard! the ink into the wood. I used my Pampered Chef pot scraper ;0

This was ink from my frosting printer. It dries slower than my Kodak jet ink printer. And I actually like the colors better on this one. The ink didn't bead up either on this one.  (Compare below)

Not too bad for a first attempt and not knowing what to expect.

Okay now the other side- the bad side.
This one below is the other side of the wood plaque. I used the Kodak printer, the ink look beaded up on the paper after it printed. And consequently transferred in little dots of beaded ink. It's also not as bright and much duller in color- GO FIGURE. Frosting ink works better!

Can you see the black lines where the ink is beaded up on transfer? It's the same exact image as the other side. If you have slow drying jet ink that works best. I am not sure laser would work at all.

Anyway. Just thought you might enjoy this half-hearted tutorial. 

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