Monday, March 20, 2017

Holy cannoli with San Guiseppe!

We began praying the Litany to St. Joseph back on February 5th. If you haven't read it yet, it's not very long. My kids memorized it in 2 weeks, it's beautiful. They are counting it as part of their poetry in our MODG curriculum. I am having them draw a picture with it.

We have a beautiful St. Joseph altar at our home parish, this picture (of that buff St. Joe) is at our local Cathedral, as our parish doesn't offer mass on Mondays. He looks more like a blacksmith than a carpenter I think. My kids always say it doesn't look like him! lol But the scene is very stunning, Mary is looking towards the opposite side of the church at Christ crucified, and Joseph is looking at Mary.

We spiced up our little St. Joseph's altar with the new Catholic Icing St. Joseph Altar printable! I am glad she posted something! I sure have missed reading her stuff. We still don't have a worth St. Joseph statue. Our friend Cheryl had a lovely altar a few years ago if you want a better visual.

We decided to make Italian desserts for the feast day tea party. We had sloppy Joe's for dinner (of course!)

We made cannoli cups with real imported Italian mascarpone and ricotta cheese. And the tarts are imported mascarpone cheese as well. It's hard to resist!

The kids sliced fruit and decorated their tarts. Now there is no way we ate all this tonight, some is going to our neighbors tomorrow- they aren't Catholic or have a clue about our feast days but we like to share anyway ;)

This is a cannoli face.

This weekend my sister also planned her annual St. Patrick's day feast, we had a load of great Irish food there- we basically came in town from 8 hours of rock hunting and drove straight to her house covered in dirt, we were exhausted. We went to Cottonwood Falls, one of our favorite places to visit in Kansas. It's so scenic! We used to ride our motorcycles there waaaay back when we dated. Yes I still have my class M.

A beautiful over look of the Flint Hills. One of our progeny is missing, he was up the road with his hands in the dirt.

I fooled Brenden, he has never been out in open prairie or a cow pasture, so he hasn't been familiarized with what cow patty's are. So when he asked about them,  I told him to pick up (a dried one) and it was the biggest fossil in Kansas. He asked what it was, I said a cow patty. He looked at me and said, mommy are your tricking me? lol! My sister Erin actually thought they were fossils when she was a kid. They get dried out enough, so I can see why the shape can fool someone!

Can you see brad waay out there with the kids?

This is what we were looking for on that particular stop. Goethite pseudomorph after pyrite. Very small, geometric, and hard to find, and this is the only place in Kansas it is found.
 And of course plenty of fields being burned. 

We ended our day with a walk on the river tonight before we ate our desserts. It was so beautiful here- warm day, so warm we could have swam.

St. Joseph Pray for Us!

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