Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Mary's Meals- Lenten Almsgiving

Hi again (tonight) We decided for a family Lenten project that we would try and fund raise (alms) for a school in Liberia through Mary's Meals. They can be found here. The founder is a Scottish Catholic. They provide meals to children in the most impoverished areas world wide by feeding them a meal at school, the videos on their website very informative, watch them with your kids. 
Can you imagine as a child, walking a few miles every day, just to go get one meal, and then after they eat they can concentrate a little to learn a little.  We talked about this today (on Ash Wednesday) and wondered what it felt like to just have that one meal and no snacks. How would our bodies and minds feel, especially while we are trying to learn here in our homeschool. 
 If you can please support Amos A. Fully Primary school, clicking on the link below. We sure would appreciate the support. Any amount $5 or even $10 is appreciated. God Bless!

Shannon is raising money to feed 218 children for a whole school year at Amos A.Fully Primary School in Liberia.

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