Monday, March 6, 2017

One of our favorite family Lenten devotions

Our kids love The Stations of the Cross. A while back we made homemade stations to use at home through out the week. We like to mount them near our windows in our homeschool room in the house we currently are in. Each station we light a tea light. I always get scented Polish Ikea tea lights blessed at Candlemas for us to use. (You have to carefully check the packaging, usually the apple ones were from Poland. They are getting harder to find, lately more of their candles are not imported but made in the U.S.A.  I know I should be happy for that, but I really like my Polish ones.)
So far Zoe hasn't destroyed  These were made all by hand. There are directions out there on the internet and even a kit you can buy, it's the exact same thing as making them by hand pretty much. (Make Stations of the Cross, or hereor here, or here.)
  I have a pile of books we have collected over the years from the Goodwill and Amazon and even a printable version we love to use to follow along with the Holy Heroes CD version of the Stations. It's really handy having so many books to follow along as the kids never seem to get tired from week to week, or through out the week of using the same old one. They love using  a different one each time.

We have added these awesome books, with real art work to our collection, Children's Stations of the Cross and ABC Life of Christ. 

Sacred Heart Prayer book- what an awesome find at the Goodwill! I have never seen it anywhere else, but there is one copy on Amazon. It had an 8th grade graduation sticker inside of it from a local Catholic School with the students name. I almost wanted to call them and tell them they were crazy for giving it

Jesus Make Me Worthy- has some wonderful  stations of the Cross, 1st Communion prayers and Litanies and Confession guidelines. Also if you attend Latin Mass- this book is helpful for this purpose. It comes in black and white, for boys and girls. Each of our kids has received one for their First Communion.

One of our other Lenten traditions is using sacrifice beads. The last year or two, we have pulled thorns from the Crown of Thorns or added flowers to a paper sacrifice cross in our homeschool room. They kids have the option to do either any time. We definitely run out of room on the cross and run out of toothpicks so we may add a bean jar to help them see the fruits of their labor. You can find out more about those ideas on my old posts about Lent.

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