Monday, April 24, 2017

Hope you had a "Bee" autiful Easter and Divine Mercy Sunday!

We wish you all a Happy Easter Season! Happy Divine Mercy Sunday too! 

I digress....
Clouds are so cool- especially the square kind.

We dye and shrink wrap our eggs.

The muted colors are always so pretty on the brown shells.
 Did you see how cute Martha Stewart's eggs were?  We may have to try "stamping".

We made our tomb and carefully placed our Lord in the tomb Saturday night.

Zoe kissed Him.

Then we sealed our tomb up.

This never gets old for our kids. They enjoy this a lot.

Okay, so this is the first Easter Zoe was mobile, so the trip down the hallway for her was hilarious! I love the jelly bean trail!

Knox and Genna put the trail out for her, she got up on her own.


She finally hurries.

So sweet!

And a pretty nest my kids found in the honeysuckle bushes- apparently Brenden is very allergic to honeysuckle- and just finally got rid of a VERY VERY severe rash- worse than poison ivy.

We visited my husband's friend out in tim-buck-two, and dropped off a few sneaky cockerels that had disguised themselves as cute fluffy pullets since February. We loved his turkeys! It was a beautiful afternoon.

We now have turkey envy. Have you seen a Royal Palm Turkey before? I think we may get a turkey this year.

See the butterflies? They are all over the place here. We caught 4 tiger swallowtails in one afternoon.

Tiger swallowtails do not come down to the ground very often, they like to remain high in the trees. But Brenden is patient and he waits for his chance. They come and sun themselves on our fur trees and soak of the sun midday. And on occasion flutter low enough for a 4 year old to swipe at.

Any ideas as to why he is holding that book?

Our newest adventure!

My busy bees are helping clean old frames out. We have a lot of work to do yet cleaning and sterilizing them.  There is so much to learn about bee keeping, but it's all so fascinating. My kids did a 180 on me.  Genna said I have to wear a bee suit that way the bees can't actually sting me and die. She started to weep at the idea of a poor little bee giving up his one sting and dying...poor girl! Brenden by far is the most excited about getting bees. He has paid attention to everything we read and understands how it all works. He even taught Knox how the hive works. I was really surprised at what he was able to retain. Honestly, I just can't wait to paint it. I have seen some really super cute bee hives. Well that's the news for now!
We have one more week of school around here, and we can't wait to be done! 

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