Wednesday, August 2, 2017

I am still here....busy!

  I have neglected our blog all summer and up till now. I have wanted to post about our wonderful end of the school year, our Florida vacation- we drove again, the litter of kittens (we had a stray under our shed), Boy Scout camp, our 4H adventures and county fair experiences, we got more chicks and turkeys, a bunch of Polyphemus moth eggs, 4th of July, and started school last week.
  So I might slowly start catching it up now.  We can start with getting a few big 4H projects done, and our May vacation and experiences we had. The boys both had their birthdays in May. Knox is now 9 and Brenden is 5. Knox and Genna both, have had their chins split open. I taped Genna's shut with steri strips and daddy took Knox into get stiches- Genna got the better deal probably ;)

Genna finished her first scarf!

Salamanders we caught in Mississippi or Alabama at out hotel.

We did well on arriving faster since we took Atlanta to get there. And arrived way earlier than we planned.

What we came for!

Knox is awesome at snorkeling now.

Not sure where the shark is....

But we found some shark's teeth!

Free trolley rides in Siesta Key!

Nothing like your Godfather photobombing you.

Dolphin cruise

Cool pier, but I don't think we'll be eating there again.

Nokomis Grove! And they still had OJ left! We go every time..we always take our photo on this wall.

We just keep getting larger each time.

Myakka Park

Blue sky..

Check out that sour face. Everyone had a coconut!

Happy Birthday!

Best picture ever- I accidentally got the whole series of photos..the whole thing frame by frame...pretty funny. I could make a flip book from it.

South Jetty at Casey Key.

Last night on the beach...

Our return trip was very adventuresome...we even had a tornado cross over the highway on us.

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