Saturday, August 12, 2017

Midwest Catholic Family Conference

We saw some really great speakers last weekend at the Catholic Family Conference. I couple quotes that stood out in my mind...

  Scott Hahn presented a stat from a Baptist research church poll, I am sorry I can't recall the name of it, I wished I would have written it down. 93% of kids who have a father who isn't attending church and isn't say (and I am adlibbing here... ) "in love with their faith and not a practicing Christian sort of like being recatachized again", 93% of those kids no matter how devout the mom is, fall away from their faith and stop practicing- that was across the board in Christian homes- including Catholics. my heart sunk.. pray for my husband's conversion please, I was bummed out the rest of the conference. I already see the challenges with my 5 year old. There was a stat about the oldest child and retaining their faith, that was interesting as well, but I can't remember it now.

  Also "Hate is a burden I no longer want to bear." came from PJ Anderson. We have been talking about that one around here.

Met Raymond Arroyo, and bought my kids the Will Wilder books- autographed of course. He loves homeschoolers ;) He had a great talk about reading fiction.


We also hear Fr. McManus speak....on exorcism...WHOA!  He doesn't allow his talks to be recorded or published..but put down Harry Potter and pay attention folks to what the culture is doing to our kids. And I didn't know ghosts existed.. I am thrilled- at finding out they do, we need to pray for the dead! They need us! I can now safely (someday)  teach my kids what a real ghost is and why we need to be concerned for them. This puts Halloween into a greater perspective. Also lays to rest the whole idea of being scared by them, we shouldn't be at all. They come to us for prayers and help and to have masses offered for them. You of course don't have to believe me ;) Sort of like believing in Fatima I suppose.

And of course the babies, holding babies.

And the First Communicant's in the procession.

Then over the week, I pressed my phone up against a slide and cracked the glass, catching a kid...go figure. And found out my new phone the Samsung S8 plus has this cool photo feature, we are having a blast with it..these are my kids

He disappeared with my camera for awhile. Can you blame him? It's hilarious!

Brenden the fish eater!

She doesn't take a bad photo. cute! bahaha!

He'll be mortified some day right? 

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