Monday, August 7, 2017

Out of town every weekend

After our vacation, we arrived home, had our rocketry launch the same weekend, AND then only to leave again and stayed out of town every weekend for 4-H geology field trips. The kids had so many road trips this summer. My van really racked up some miles. We saw some places we had visited before and some new territory up near Nebraska.  Then Knox went on to Boy Scout Camp at Camp Brown. He came back so tired but there was this smile on his face that just wouldn't come off. He was soo happy! He and Brad had a great time! I am so grateful he had the time alone with his dad! 

kitten heaven

Landscaping project

Two formations

Kansas prairie in the spring.

4-h sewing....purple ribbon

we do a lot with the bees

4-h electricity

I think it's Blue Rapids, KS? Somewhere NE!

Searching for garnets from the dirt we brought back from the Stockdale plug.

 4-h chicken testing

I always have helpers that want to sample honey.

Hotter than HE double hockey sticks...but only for one day. Then they had decent weather.

Feast of the Sacred Heart.

Berries are ripe!

My mom has chickens now. She has had to much fun feeding ours, and she decided she needed her own. She would show up over here randomly and just feed the birds and talk to them. We wouldn't even know she was here! lol We'd see her van out front and no one would be in it.

Muddy Puddles- thank you Peppa Pig!

So I made a bee vaccuum....

This was a job that was way over our heads- the amount/volume of bees was insane. We filled four 5 gal. buckets, and still didn't get them all. We had a tree trimmer find my number on CL. He had cut into a hive and needed it removed. My dad thought it was doable...but then...we realized there were more than we could take home. So they called out a second keeper.

Here's my dad trying the bee vac! It worked awesome!

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