Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Vacation part 2- the way home

Entertaining a 1 year old is hard in car. We had dolly tea parties, made cookies, stickers, coloring, Melissa and Doug, you name it, we did it for the sake of peace.

Why am I showing you a picture of cars? There was actually a hilarious watermelon accident. But you can't see it. It looked like Richard Scarry had come in with all like drawings.
 Right before I took this picture we had received tornado warning on our phones- ya know how that is, we are in Georgia 18 hours from home, so we had no idea if the warnings were old or new..we were on an interstate.  Brad's phone went off first, then mine. And it was raining and we could see the low turning clouds around us and to the west on the other lanes of traffic.  Then we saw the wind picking up the rain getting sucked up sideways and upward opposite of the direction the storm was moving and traffic was flowing.  Then the van started feeling light and bouncy...and we started scanning the clouds outside a little better. Sure enough there above the traffic lanes we were in was a lot of rotation. We are from Kansas, so we know what wall clouds are and what rotations look like but there wasn't an organized funnel yet. But none the less, it was passing over us to the east at 40 mph. We were heading north at 75 mph, and kept right on going. Had we stopped we would have trapped ourselves on an exit. Glad that the storm was moving in a way we were able to safely drive away.

We made it safely to Aunt Laurie and Uncle Tom's house in Alabama! We needed a road break badly and got to play all day at their house.

We are never disappointed when we go there! They have so much land and so much to do (they don't probably think so, but we think so!)

Okay, so I usually post pictures of the Ave Maria Grotto....but I haven't done the outdoor stations of the cross yet that' is there for pilgrims to walk.

So we said the stations as we walked towards the cemetery. It was a beautiful walk, long rocky path surrounded by trees and the limestone stations of the cross.

Again on the road home making time go by faster.

That was a much needed vacation.  I was anxious to get back to our chickens, kittens and bees.

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