Baptism, First Confession and First Communion

Now I am not an expert sacrament prepper- so don't bet all your savings on me, but I have two kids going through their sacraments and two more on their way up. So far I am finding we are pretty well prepared- at least our priest thinks we are.  So if it helps you out to tell you what we do, great! Thanks for reading!


  What helps in your visit to your priest is having a journal of some kind showing what you have studied with your child. Bring your books, artwork whatever and also organize worksheets or other loose sheets into a binder that easy to view through clear sleeves. Add anything from Catechesis of the Good Shepherd that your kids bring home.

Here's some ideas for prepping your kids. *outside your catechisms which you should be memorizing

Genna's journal 2017 below (I don't have a post on just her, but she has been working on it FOREVER)


First Communion FELT Banner

Genna's Banner 2017:
Step-by-Step: How to make a First Communion Banner Series

Baptism Pennant Banner- paper deocration


First Communion Invites and PAPER decorations

or Knox's DIY invites

First Communion Pennant Party Banner- PAPER decoration

You can buy them on Amazon:
or make your own and change out the kids' names.


Going to have a party afterward? 
Need some meaningful ideas for a cake, or cookies- now mine are not designer perfect at all, just good ol' mom good enough for my kids to get excited about thier sacrament good ;) Oh and don't think that you can pull this all off the night before. I planned out a week of preparation to make this day happen smoothly. It was so worth working on it all in advance.

Dessert ideas  First Communion 2015 party

cake topper with chalice- a good hint is melt the candies first in a separate bowl, then scrap them into the mold.

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