Little Flowers

  I don't have our Little Flowers stuff up, but this might be the easiest way to find what I do have all in one place.

4/29/15      Virtue lesson outlines and Meeting outline      Catholic Girls Guide PDF

(we didn't have craft that month due to the May crowning and tea party- the meeting was pushing 2hrs.)

I didn't do the scrapbook page that month.

Love of God
The small heart beads were purchased at Hobby Lobby with the 40% off coupon along with stretchy elastic cord (same section at Hobby Lobby). You can add a Holy Medal to the bracelet, we added St. Therese since Genna already had hers sitting around her jewelry box- and after all this is Little Flowers.

This peony pack was purchased at Michaels. It's the only thing I could find for a craft for that particular flower- which was very very hard.

Love of Neighbor
 scrapbook page. Genna had a re-do.

8/18/15 Rose candy mold for snack for Love Virtue

Rose Hair clips for Love virtue

9/20/15 Obedience scrapbook page

Obedience Lamb craft - how we did it

obedience checklist ideas

Piety scrap book page

We made clay Forget-Me-Not flower pins. Sculpey Bake Shop clay at Walmart is $.97 each- one color of package is enough for 10 girls by far. Roll your little balls of blue clay and smush them into petals, three tiny yellow balls for the center, and white "snakes" between the petals. You push a pin into the clay and bake it in the oven as directed on the package.

Humility scrapbook page and crafts and links


Mercy  and St. Faustina lap book and felt lily handprint craft

Joy/Mirthfulness with St. Clare

Generosity with St. Katherine Drexel  (scroll down)
all girls projects together

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