Saint Peg Dolls

Are you starting a peg doll Communion of Saints?  Well you came to the right spot for ideas! Have a look at these posts and get inspired to paint you own.

I get so many hits on searches for peg dolls, I thought maybe it needed it's own page. Some of the blog entries have details on how I painted them.
Here's all my links for peg dolls on this blog. Also my Pinterest Board I am trying to maintain.

St. Anthony (he was my first painted one)

My Lost diamond from my ring and 2013 Peg doll exchange

We play with our Saint peg dolls weekly. I have a set of blessing Saint blocks too we get out and use at the same time.

2014 Peg Doll Exchange- I did St. Francis

Archbishop Fulton Sheen and St. Gianna post #1 (almost a how to paint Sheen and Gianna)

2016 Saint Peg Dolls for St. Nicholas' Feast Day

(St. Magnus, St. Martin of Tours, St. Florian, Blessed Imelda and St. Sebastian)

2016 Annual Saint Peg Doll Exchange

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